Feeding His Clothes

Retold by benl691

One day, a rich, royal man named Abdul held a great meal at his huge, beautiful home. Another man named Mulla saw many different people going to the feast. He decided that he wanted to also go to the feast. His problem was that he was wearing old, cheap clothing and he saw the other people wearing tuxedos and other types of fine clothing. Although he knew this, his hunger made him finally go. People who were guarding Abdul's house let Mulla in because everyone in town was invited. The guards led Mulla to the end of the long table. By the time the food got to Mulla, it was all gone! Every single time, the same thing happened. Mulla became very sad, so he went to his rich friend's house. He asked his friend for a nice pair of clothes. His friend gave the clothes to Mulla, and Mulla returned to the feast. When the guards saw Mulla dressed in such nice clothes, they didn’t recognize him. They let him go near the front of the table, and he got much good food. After he got the food, he put it all over his clothes. When somebody asked him why he did that, he said that if the clothes were the reason that he got all the food, they deserved something too.