Gluscabi and The Magic Game Bag

Joe M.

Gluscabi was in the forest one day hunting and he couldn’t find any animals. He wanted hunting to be much simpler so he went to his wigwam and wanted advice from Grandmother Woodchuck. Gluscabi told Grandmother Woodchuck that he wished that he had a hunting bag better than his old one. Gluscabi wanted the magic bag so he started to sing. Grandmother Woodchuck heard him singing and started wore him a deer hair bag. He kept on singing. Grandmother Woodchuck kept on making the bags until Gluscabi stopped singing when he was impressed by a bag that Grandmother Woodchuck made from her belly hair. Grandmother Woodchuck told Gluscabi that the bag was magical and that it could hold as much as the person using it wants. Gluscabi knew that if he used the bag he could capture all of the animals and then never have to hunt again. He went outside and told all of the animals that the world was ending and if they got in the bag they wouldn’t have to see the world in. the animals told Gluscabi that they didn’t want to see their home destroyed. When all of the animals got in the bag he told Grandmother Woodchuck what he had done. Grandmother Woodchuck said that it wasn’t a good idea and the animals would die. Gluscabi thought about Grandmother Woodchucks words and let the animals free. The animals lived on and on. If Gluscabi didn’t take the words of advice from Grandmother Woodchuck there would have been not more animals left in the world.

Gluscabi and the magic game bag
Alex J.

Gluscabi walked quietly through the forest, his bow and arrow ready to shoot a small animal to eat. Although his shoes made no sound, the animals knew he was coming and were hiding from him. Gluscabi looked everywhere for animals, but he could not find any.
“Hunting takes too long!” complained Gluscabi. He ran straight to mother woodchuck’s wigwam by the river.
Gluscabi lay down on his bed and began to sing, “I wish I had a game bag to make hunting easier.”
Mother woodchuck heard his singing took moose hair and wove it into a bag to keep his food in. she gave it to him but Gluscabi just kept on singing.
Mother woodchuck took a moose hair and wove it into an even larger bag. “Here is your bag,” she said handing him his bag hoping he would like this one. But Gluscabi kept on singing.
Finally mother woodchuck plucked hair from her own belly and made a magic game bag. This game bag would keep on stretching larger and larger.
Gluscabi was very happy with this bag and went back to the forest once more. As he walked through the big trees Gluscabi shouted, “animals everywhere! Listen to me, listen to my warning. The world is going to be ruined. I have come to help you all!”
Slowly all the animals came into the clearing. “How will you help us?” they all asked.
Gluscabi held up his bag and announced, “this is a magic bag! If you climb in it you will not see the world end!”
One by one all the animals climbed in the magic bag. Gluscabi held it open for all the animals. Rabbits, porcupines, deer, raccoons, squirrels, bears,and moose all climbed in. more and more kept on coming until all the animals in the world were inside. Gluscabi closed the bag, tied it, and ran home as fast as he could. With shouts of happiness he yelled “I will never have to hunt again!”
Mother woodchuck came out of the wigwam and asked, “Why are you shouting?”
“Look, mother! Look what I have done! I was smart enough to trick all the animals into my magic bag. Now whenever we want some meat all we have to do is reach into the bag and grab some.”
Mother woodchuck looked into the bag and saw what Gluscabi said was true. The forest was silent, for all the animals in the world were in the game bag.
Mother woodchuck said “these poor animals cannot live in here, for there is no water, food, or air. Soon they will die, and there will be no animals left on the earth. Is a world without animals the gift you would give to those who come after you?”
Gluscabi thought for a little about the quiet forest. Then he shook his head and said, “I do not want my children’s children to live in a place with no animals. But it’s hard to hunt for food.”
Mother woodchuck said, “The hard work will make you strong and smart. The animals also will become smarter; too, escape your arrows and traps. This way things will be equal.”
Gluscabi agreed with mother woodchuck. He took the magic bag back to the forest and let out the animals. To this day some animals like rabbits, raccoons, deer, and bears still crawl the earth because of the good idea mother woodchuck gave Gluscabi. He did not be lazy by trapping the animals in a magic game bag forever.