A Flock of Birds
By: Justin T.
Once there was a large flock of crows. Their life was very good. Food was plentiful, and life was peaceful. But in one day, that all changed. A crafty hunter just happened to wander through the woods and notice this large flock of birds. He tried making a bird sound to lure the birds in. Instantly, they flew over! The hunter threw the net over the birds, threw them over his shoulder, and went to the market to sell them as food!

The next day he came back and did the same thing. He used his great bird imitation and then when they came, threw the net over them! He did this day after day and as he did it, the flock grew smaller and smaller. The older and wiser crows knew what was happening and knew that they had to stop it. But what could they do to escape the tricky hunter?

The elder birds got all of the crows in the flock together and told them, “When caught in the net, work together as one not as an individual. If we work together, we can possibly escape the tricky hunter’s net.”

The next day the hunter came back and used his bird sound to lure the birds. Just like always, the crows came and were caught in the net. But this time, they worked together. They flew into the sky with the net around them and snagged the net with the bark of the tree. They rubbed the net against the tree and they broke free! The hunter realized that if the crows work together, they could free themselves.

Ignoring his loss the day before, the hunter came back and tried again. When the crows came and he threw his net over them, the crows tried to break free like the day before, but while in mid-air, one of the crows bumped into another and they started to fight. The fight grew as other crows started picking sides and by the time they realized that the hunter was coming to get them, it was already too late. The hunter took them and ate them.

A Flock of Birds

By Erika R.

There was a flock of quail that lived in a forest. They had plentiful amounts of food and they were as peaceful as could be. There was a day that a very smart hunter came to the forest and could imitate their call as if he was a quail himself! As he did their call, a flock of quail came soaring thinking that it was one of their own kind. They landed on the ground looking for the bird who called, and the sneaky hunter came and threw a net over them so that he could take them to the market, and every day he continued this routine as the quails flock grew smaller, and smaller, and smaller.

There was a wise, old quail that one day called what was left of the flock to give them some help. "The hunter has out smarted you a couple of times, calling you over as if he were a quail himself and catching you in his net. Next time we need to outsmart him by acting as one, being strong enough to take that horrible net away from him so that we can populate."

The next time the sneaky hunter did the call, and the quail came, and he snagged them with the net, they cooperated and lifted the net out of his hands, flew with the net still on themselves, went by a tree and the tree got caught and took the net off. They were free. The hunter was amazed on how they could all lift up the net when they used teamwork.

The day after they had accomplished getting away from the hunter they were out smarted again except this time it was a domino effect with bad problems. One bumped into the other and it was just pure chaos because they couldn’t cooperate when they were all focus on what was happening to themselves and bickering at each other that they then got caught by the hunter and eaten for dinner.