By: Taf L.

Whispers went through the forest.
Whenever forest creatures met they whispered. Tiger and Goat, Mongoose and Chicken, Dog and Cat were busy whispering to each other. They were whispering about Land Turtle. Land Turtle had become a very rich man. Anansi heard the whispers, he believed they were true and made up his mind that he would get some of Land Turtle’s money. Surely it would not be hard to trick Land Turtle, who looked so slow and stupid. “I never knew Land Turtle was so rich,” said Anansi to himself “I thought he was a poor man. I’ve never seen anyone move as slowly as Land Turtle, except Brother Worm. It won’t be hard to take some of his money from him.” Anansi found his savings and counted them. It did not take long because there was so little money. “I must get to work” said Anansi; he set off for the bank. He lodged his money in the bank and then went to Land Turtle’s House. Now it happened Land Turtle was much wiser creature that he seemed, he moved slowly but he could think fast. When he saw Anansi coming he guessed that there was some reason for the visit, so he told his wife and children to hide while he talked to Anansi. “Good Morning, Brother Land Turtle,” said Anansi ” It’s been a long time since we two meet.” Land Turtle said nothing. “It’s been a long time since I paid you a friendly visit,” said Anansi. Land Turtle said nothing. “Yes, a long time,” said Anansi “To tell you the truth, you would not have seen me today at all; but I went for a long walk, and I was tired, I turned in here on my way home to rest a while. Yes, I went to the bank to put in some money because if we do not save we will never have anything. “That is true” said Land Turtle. “You know Land Turtle” said Anansi “perhaps we could make a bargain. You have your money in the bank. I have my money in the bank. I want more, you want more. Now suppose we agree to race to the bank. The one that wins will get all the money belonging to the two of us.” That’s not fair Anansi”, Land Turtle said “look how fast you are and how slow I am, you will reach to the bank long before me. If I must race, you need to race as a spider not a man.” Now these rules were fair because Anansi can turn into a man and back whenever he pleases, so Anansi agreed and they went to the bank to tell the Banker the deal. Then they went their separate ways. Land Turtle went to tell is his wife and kids about the race. Land Turtle knew Anansi was going to suggest for them to go by different routes and through each routes there were crossings. Land Turtle and his children looked exactly alike, so at each of the crossings he put one of his children. Land Turtle himself took the last crossing and his eldest son would go to meet Anansi at the beginning of the race. The next morning on the day of the race, Anansi greeted “Mr. Land Turtle” but he did not realize that it was his son. Just as Land Turtle thought, Anansi suggested that they go by different routes and Mr. Land Turtle’s eldest son agreed to the terms. Then the race began, Anansi dashed off. At the first crossing Anansi called “You Turtle, you Turtle” and Land Turtle’s son answered “Anansi oh, Anansi oh, bandalee, bandalee”. Anansi realized he was not far behind so he ran faster. At the second crossing Anansi called “You Turtle, you Turtle” and another of Land Turtle’s sons answered “Anansi oh, Anansi oh, bandalee, bandalee”, Land Turtle sounded closer than before and Anansi ran as fast as he could. At the final crossing Anansi called “You Turtle, you Turtle” but no answer came. Anansi knew he was going to win. He ran into the bank and asked for the money but the banker said Land Turtle had already come and took the money. Anansi left the bank and went to join Land Turtle who was walking home, when he met hime Anasi said “Land Turtle let us walk home together”. Land Turtle was scared but realized Anansi was being nice to him. As they passed a pond Anansi said “Let’s dive in and see who could hold their breathe the longest.” Land Turtle agreed as he was over confident in his ability to win this challenge easily. He left the money on the bank and dove in with Anansi knowing that he would win. After holding his breath for a long time, he came up from the water and realized Anansi and the money was nowhere to be found!