Chinese Creation Story

Jackson Blaakman

In the beginning there was the Universe. It was shaped in fog in the form of a giant egg. The egg split into two pieces. Yang, a lighter warmer body, and Yin, a heavier, colder body from both of them Pangu was born. Pangu pushed Yang up to create the sky and held Yin down to create the earth. After a long time of growing Pangu knew that they were in the right place. After time Pangu died. His body was re-formed as the mountains to still keep the earth and sky apart. His skeleton became the five rivers of China. His blood became the water in them. His hair became the stars. Pangu became the Universe we know. He made the earth ready for people. Now, someone has to create them.
One day the gods were alone in the sky and they felt they needed to create smart beings to rule over the earth. Fushi, one of the Emperors, had a younger sister, Nuwa. She sometimes came down to earth for fun things to do. On one of her visits she was resting on a hill. She picked up a piece of yellow clay and rolled it around in her hand. Happy with how easy it was to shape she tried to mold it into a shape that looked like the gods she knew and when she put it down beside her, to her surprise it came to life. She started making more and more of them faster and faster. As they danced around her she said “I am going to call you “human beings”. She made them until she was exhausted. There seemed to be so many of them but when she counted there were only a few hundred. “There are not enough” she decided. She mixed water with the clay and splashed it around and every drop came to life. The hill of clay turned into tens of thousands of human beings. She rushed back to heaven and told of the human beings she had created to look like the god’s images.
From that day forth “human beings” ruled the world. The ones Nuwa made by hand became the leaders of the rest the followers.

Margaret Velto
The Chinese Creation Story
There once was no Earth and no sky, but just a clump of fog shaped like an egg. Soon, 2 figures came from the fog. The man was named Yang and the woman was Yin. Together, they created Pangu. Pangu separated Yang and Yin with his arms and legs over thousands of years. Yang was pushed up to form the sky and Yin was pushed down to form the Earth. Using his arms and legs, Pangu pushed apart Yang and Yin as far as he could. When Pangu died, his arms and legs, still pushing Yin and Yang apart, became the mountains across China. He became the rivers and dirt and wind and the entire universe that we know. There were no people or anything to teach them how to live and behave. The gods wanted people to live on Earth for it was ready to be lived on. Soon, a goddess called Nuwa came and created the people as sculptures. She wanted to make more but she was tired, so she scattered mud to create figures all over the world. She had created figures and called them humans. Those who were created by Nuwa became the rulers over Earth and the generations afterwards became the learners.