Chura and Marwe
Once there was a girl named Marwe and a boy named Chura. Marwe was beautiful and Chura was ugly. They worked for a group of people called the Chagga. They loved each other. One day they were watching a bean field and chasing away all the monkeys that tried to eat the beans. They got thirsty and went into the forest and got a drink of water from a pond. But when they came back the monkeys had eaten all the beans. Marwe was upset and jumped into the pond. Chura called her but she didn't come back. He told the Chagga that the monkeys had eaten the beans and Marwe was gone. The Chagga hit him and he ran away.
When Marwe jumped into the pool and sank, she went down and landed in a grey underground place. She saw a lady feeding her children and a town high up on a hill. She told the lady she wanted to go to town.
"Don't go to town yet," replied the lady. "Work with me and you will be happy." So Marwe helped the lady care for her children and she was happy. But she missed Chura.
Chura had gone from town to town, but no one would let him stay in their house because he was so ugly. He looked like a toad! Finally he came to a place where the people called the Masai lived. They let him stay with him. That night, a lion tried to eat the cows. Only Chura saw. He took a knife and killed it. The Masai were very surprised.
"Wow!" they said "You killed the lion all by yourself at night!" The Masai let him keep the knife he killed the lion with and put the lion's mane around his head.
"You need a new name." said the Masai "Now that you have killed a lion you can't be called Chura, which means toad."
"Let's call him Goat!" said one man.
"No, Pig!" yelled another man.
"Those are not good names!" said Chura madly, waving his knife.
"What should we name you?" thought another man.
Back in the underground place, Marwe was sad. She wanted to go back to the place where she came from and see Chura. The lady asked her why she was sad.
"I want to go back where I came from." said Marwe.
"Go to the town." said the lady "The people in town will help you." So Marwe went to town. Then she saw some old men.
"I want to go back where I cam from." Marwe told them "Can you help me?"
"What do you want, the hot or the cold?" said the old men.
"Most people would want the hot," thought Marwe "but it can't be that easy." She sat and thought. "I liked Chura, and most people didn't because he was so ugly. I think I will choose the cold." The old men handed her a cold pot. She put her arms in the pot and when she took them out they were covered in bracelets.
"When you go back," said the men "a lot of men will want to marry you. Only marry someone named Simba." So Marwe went back to the pond in the forest. A lot of men asked to marry her, but she said: "I will only marry a man named Simba."
Chura heard Marwe was back and went to see her. She hugged him and cried:
"I want to marry you Chura, but I can only marry a man named Simba!"
"I am Simba!" roared Chura "The Masai named me Simba, which means lion, after I killed a lion by myself!" So Marwe and Simba were married, and they were very happy. Some people thought it was bad that a beautiful woman married an ugly man, but Marwe and Simba didn't care.

Chura and Marwe

By: Caroline Brewer

Once a long time ago when love was stronger than bad, there were two friends that had very little money yet could not be taken away from each other. The friends are named Chura, the boy with a face like a toad, and Marwe, the lovely girl with astonishing beauty. When people saw the two together, they stared in astonishment at the way that they didn't look the same.Now, Chura and Marwe were adopted by mean people and worked in the fields, watching crops and herding goats. Although they had no money they loved each other and Marwe ignored Chura’s ugly looks and loved him for who he was. One day when Chura and Marwe were out protecting beans from bears and birds, they were so hot and took a break by a nearby lake. The water was cool and made them feel good so the friends easily forgot the time. As soon as they got back, the beans were gone, eaten by the birds and bears. Chura and Marwe had cruel parents and knew that they would be beaten. In shock and crying, Marwe jumped in the lake and swam down into The Land With No Light. Chura couldn't stop her and with a trembling heart walked back. He told his parents and they beat him. Chura ran away that night.

Marwe floated to the Land With No Light and stepped inside. She walked around and looked at the grey world around her. Marwe walked up to a city and and saw a little hut. In the hut lived a little old lady. She told Marwe to stay a while and Marwe accepted. Marwe cleaned the nice old lady's house and in return, the old lady fed her and gave her supplies to live.

Many years passed, Chura and Marwe grew up, Marwe still as beautiful as she was when a girl if not even more so, and Chura, still with a face like a toad and grieving Marwe. He longed to be with her. Chura wandered from village to village asking for food that would not be given to him. The people of the villages turned away at the sight of Chura, hid their children and in the sadness of rejection, Chura walked away. One day, Chura came across the village of the Masai whom he knew would not turn away a child! Yet when they saw Chura, they laughed and made him a servant. Chura watched the cattle and herded the goats until one night when a lion attacked the cattle! Chura, silently, crept to where the Masai kept their spears, took one and killed the lion. The Masai Warriors were very proud of Chura and decided to honor him as a Masai Warrior too! They took the skin of the lion and made it into a headdress for Chura, they gave him the spear and decided that he needed a new name.

"You do not need the name Chura meaning toad anymore!" said one Masai Warrior

"You need a name that means what you have done!" said another,

"How about... Donkey?"

"No! A donkey smells too bad."

The warriors argued the whole night about Chura's new name... until they found the perfect one...

The old lady noticed that Marwe was acting strange. When she asked what was wrong, Marwe replied that she needed to go back to her life with light and that she really wanted to see a lost friend. The old lady sent Marwe to the gates of The Land With No Light and there were two guards posted at the gates. Marwe explained that she needed to go up to the real world to find a long lost friend. The guards asked her a simple question. "Hot or Cold?" Marwe was very confused. "Well..." she said, "I am not a fool! I definitively would choose hot over cold... but wait, that is too obvious!" Marwe thought about this question. "Cold. That is may answer because Chura was ugly and made fun of, yet he was nice to everybody! so, cold is my answer." The guards looked at each other and held up two pots. One was frozen with water running down the sides and one looked warm and colorful. She reached for the warm one. "You must stay with your decision." they chanted. She put her arm in the cold pot and pulled out pretty necklaces! The guards gave her the whole pot full of fancy jewelry and let her into the real world with only one piece of advice that she must follow. "Many men will want to marry you, but you must marry the man with the name Lion (Simba)!" Marwe agreed and stepped into the real world.Many months passed and rumor had it that a very pretty woman who was rich and single was sitting by the lake. Many men came to ask her to marry them but each time, she would say, "What is your name?" and each man would say " Jaguar, Kangaroo, Sheep, Fish!" But she turned each one down. A month later, Chura walked down the same path and saw Marwe! Marwe hugged him and told him, "Chura, I want to marry you, but I must marry a man named Lion!" Chura puffed up his chest proudly and replied " But I am Lion! I killed one and the Masai Warriors named me that!" In the end, they lived happily ever after.

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