Cupid and Psyche
Rewritten by: Samuel C.

One day, a goddess named Aphrodite was born. She was a very jealous god, but she was also loving to men and gods. Her son Cupid found a human whom he loved. She was very beautiful, and Aphrodite was jealous. Aphrodite did not want the two to get married. The person that Cupid loved was named Psyche. Psyche had two other sisters, and they were both very jealous like Aphrodite. The two sisters wanted Psyche to find out the real identity of Cupid because they thought he was hiding something. Cupid was a god, and didn't want Psyche to find out that he was a god. Psyche's two sisters persuaded that Cupid was a very ugly monster. Psyche told her sisters that Cupid wasn't a monster. To make sure that Cupid wasn't a monster, Psyche brought a candle up to Cupid while he was sleeping and looked over Cupid. She saw that Cupid was much like an angel. A drop of wax fell on Cupid from Psyche's candle, and Cupid woke and flew away. Aphrodite saw Cupid and told him that she knew that Psyche was not a good human. She also told him that he should not be with humans, but with gods. Cupid thought that he and Psyche should get divorced, but Psyche did not want that to happen. Psyche begged Aphrodite for another chance, and Aphrodite said okay, but Aphrodite made a trial of Psyche's worth. Aphrodite made four tasks for Psyche to pass. Psyche passed the first three challenges easily, but the fourth task was very hard. The fourth task was to get some of Persephone's beauty cream. Persephone was a goddess of beauty in the Underworld. It would be hard going to the Underworld if you were a mortal. Psyche got the cream, and opened the box for herself. She fell into a very deep sleep, as Aphrodite predicted. Zeus, the "Father of the Gods", let Cupid bring his wife back to Olympus, the home of the gods, and there, Psyche became pregnant.

Cupid and Psyche
Rewritten by: Helaina T

Aphrodite was born in the foam of the ocean near Cyprus, there she was called Cyprian. She then gave birth to a handsome child named Cupid. When Cupid grew older, he met a mortal woman named Psyche. This didn’t make his goddess mother happy, when they were ready to marry Aphrodite did all in her power to not let the wedding take place. She finally sided and they were happily married, although both Psyche's sisters and Aphrodite were jealous of the two. One day the two sisters tried to convince the clueless mortal that the man she loved was not like normal men, they said he was a disgusting monster, she refused to believe it.

After the denying it for so long she started to second guess herself, she then one night took light to Cupid's face as he slept to see how he looked. She spilled water that she had been drinking onto his strong chest and he awoke and flew away. She thought her sisters must be right because no usual man is able to fly. Cupid came to his mother with what had happened, she then wanted Psyche out of her son's life forever. Psyche begged for a second chance, so being the understanding woman that she is, she gave her another chance to love her son.

There was also a twist, she had four dangerous tasks for the mortal wife to complete. The first one was to sort a giant pile of barley, millet, poppy seeds, lentils, and beans, she did this with ease. The second task was to gather a bucket of wool from the shining sheep, she also did this very easily. The third task was to fill a crystal vessel with the waters of Styx and Cocytus, this she did with flying colors. Although the fourth and final task was most difficult, it was to bring back Persephone's box of beauty cream to the goddess. This meant taking a visit to the Underworld, a place feared by all mortals. She journeyed for many days and finally took the box successfully, but it wasn’t easy. She had to fight off scary creatures, climb in low caves, and hide from mean monsters. When she open the box for the goddess who she wondered why she needed the cream because she was so perfect and beautiful, it let out a fume with threw Psyche into a deep sleep.

When Cupid heard this, he brought her to Mount Olympus where the all mighty Zeus took the enchantment off of her. When she awoke, she opened her eyes to see her mother-in-law Aphrodite standing over her. Zeus had made her apologize, so she helped her up then hugged her. That was the day she finally accepted her newly pregnant daughter-in-law forever.