Fire, Water, Truth and Falsehood
Story Adapted from original by Kate Hampton

Although Fire, Water, Truth and Falsehood lived a large house, to them four felt like a crowd. There was no bad blood between them, but since Truth and Falsehood had to be on opposite sides of a room and Fire had to get as far away from Water as possible, it might’ve seemed like a lot of hustle and bustle. One day, the foursome was hunting and came across a large herd of cattle and directed them back to their home in the village. When, Truth thought of the idea that all the cattle should be shared equally among them, it was only Falsehood who didn’t like the idea, but kept it to himself, for he had a bigger plan in his mind. Falsehood had the idea to turn the other three spirits against each other and have them destroyed so he could have all the cattle to himself.

This is how he tried to do it; on the way back, he told Water that he should destroy Fire and then there would be more cattle for the three of them to share. Water liked the idea so he flowed over Fire until Fire was completely gone. Then Falsehood went on to Truth and said “Water has destroyed poor Fire, we must leave him to his evil ways by traveling back up the mountain where Water can’t follow us. So as Water tried to follow Truth and Falsehood up the mountain with the cattle, he couldn’t since Water can’t flow uphill, all he did was splash and tumble back over onto himself. It turns out that Water could never make it up the mountain, because today you still see Water falling down the mountain. At the top of the mountain, Falsehood immediately turned and spoke to Truth saying that he was more powerful and that all the cattle was his. His final command was that Truth be his servant. Truth wouldn’t let this happen, so they fought and fought. Each spirit was convinced that he was more powerful, so they finally decided to ask a third person. They asked Wind, who said he didn’t know the answer, so he flew and blew all around the world asking which one was more powerful. There were many different answers; some said Falsehood could say a word and take away any thoughts of Truth and also that Truth can make a difference in any situation. Wind finally came up with an answer and yet it wasn't one or the other; Wind couldn’t deny that Falsehood is very powerful, but it can only be a ruler, when no one is listening to Truth. And this stayed the same forever.

Fire, Water, Truth, and Falsehood
by Chris

Once upon a time, Fire, Water, Truth, and Falsehood all lived in the same house. They were in the same place, but they were still weary of each other. Falsehood and Truth were always far away from each other, and Fire was constantly having to jump out of Water's way. They didn't like each other at all, but they still lived together. One day, they went hunting for some food. They found a herd of cattle and started to herd them back towards their house. While they were walking back, Falsehood told Water, "You are stronger than Fire, and if you destroy him, each of us will get more of the cattle." Water considered the idea, and after a minute, Water decided to do it. He rose over Fire, and put him out. In the mean time, Falsehood caught up to Truth and told him about Water destroying fire. "Lets gather our cattle up the steep mountain so that Water can't reach the cattle." Once they got to the top of the mountain, Falsehood stood up tall and shouted at Truth, "I am way more powerful than you, so you shall be my servant. These are now my cattle." They had a great battle, but nobody won. "Let's let wind decide." Truth told Falsehood. When Wind came, he couldn't decide. " I will ask others to see what should become of this." He told them as he flew away on a breeze. When he asked everyone, they told him what they thought, and he returned to the mountain. When he got there, he told Truth and Falsehood his findings, "Falsehood is powerful, but can't rule where truth is heard." It has been this way ever since.