The sun and moon were great friends but not good at making friends. One day they went to the park to play and saw water with a lot of creatures and friends. The sun and moon felt lonely so they asked water if they could play. Water was nice and said yes. They played and played and played. At the end of the day the sun and moon asked water to come over but she said no, she asked how big is your house? The sun said pretty big the moon said big I guess. The water asked if you could make it bigger and they said yes. The next day the moon came over sun's house to make his house bigger. When they finished it was sun set and they rushed over waters house. The sun and moon said "we finished" and the water came over. The water came over with creatures like frogs and fishes even turtles. The sun and moon didn't realized how many people were there. The sun and moon were stuck in the house until more of water's people came in, there were so many people there that the sun and moon got stuck in the house and started floating to the sky and the sun and the moon stayed in the sky forever and never came down..

Nigerian Why Story
By: Chapman F.

Once a upon a time in a year far, far ago the sun and water were best friends. The sun would have play dates at the waters house all the time but the water would never return the favor. One day the sun had, had enough. He marched over to waters house and asked him why he would never come the suns house. The water replied, that the suns house was to small and he had too many people for the suns house to hold. The water advised that if the sun wanted the water to come and play he would have to build a bigger house. The sun decided to build a large house. He and his wife the moon set of at once. Once they had finished the sun asked the waters to come over and play. Soon the water came with all its fish and sea animals. The sun and the moon were getting very crowded. The sun was very friendly and said more of the waters could come. Soon the sun and moon were forced to the roof. But the once again told the waters to keep coming. After that the waters completely overflowed the house and the sun and the moon were forced to the sky. That is why the sun and the moon are in the sky today.