The magic mirror
By: Leo deSouza
One day, a man named Kufa was walking in the forest, looking for plants to add to his collection. He heard movement, and saw a snake slither past him. He followed the snake for awhile, and eventually found him about to eat a deer!
The deer asked for help, and the snake wanted Kufa to kill the deer. Since Kufa didn't want to get bit by the snake, he killed the deer, and let the snake eat the deer. The snake, who was named Sato, said thank you many times, and soon Kufa went back home.
The next day, Kufa came back, and saw Sato again. Sato was still very happy, and told Kufa to follow him to a surprise place. Sato led Kufa to a big hole, and told Kufa to jump in. Kufa did, and landed on a soft pad. He was in an secret underground area! Sato had magically transformed into a human, and told Kufa that this was his home. Sato told Kufa that he would give him anything he wanted for killing the deer. Kufa thought about it for a long time, and finally decided on the magic mirror that Sato had. The magic mirror could give you anything you wanted. Sato didn't want to give the mirror to Kufa, but eventually did. Kufa asked the mirror to go home, and he appeared in his home with his family.
Kufa next asked the mirror for a kingdom that he could rule. He got one, and was very impressed in the mirror. One day, a spy came to the kingdom. He snuck into the palace of Kufa, and stole the mirror. Kufa got very sad, but his wife said it would be ok. She told Kufa that they already had their kingdom, and a very happy life. They didn't need anything more. Ever since that day, Kufa has been very thankful of what he is given.