Tongue Meat
Callie C.
The Ruler’s wife was unhappy and thin. Even when the servants gave her delicious foods she still was sad. The Ruler did not know how to please her. Near the Ruler’s palace lived a very poor man. The poor man’s wife was big and happy. The Ruler invited the poor man to come visit him.
He asked,” Why is your wife so plump, happy, and healthy?”
The poor man said, “I just support her by feeding her the meat of the tongue.
The Ruler told his cook to get the tongue of every killed animal in the market. The Ruler’s wife had that for several weeks and was still thin and sad. Then the Ruler ordered to switch wives with the poor man! The poor man agreed to switch the wives. The poor man was nice to the woman and he would sing songs to her and play his banjo. The poor man’s new wife would laugh at all of his jokes. Her hair became shiny and healthy as she got bigger and bigger. The Ruler saw his old wife and the poor man in the market and he wanted her back. She would not go with him. He was very jealous at this point.
He said, “Why wouldn’t you want to be with a rich ruler like me?”
The Ruler’s old wife told him about how the poor man was so loving and he sang and played the banjo and entertained her. She also said that he never yelled at her when she made a mistake and just encouraged her all the time. He kept her healthy and was a funny man. You don’t have to be rich to be a loving person. The ruler started to understand and let the couple happy and did not bother them.

Tongue Meat
By Mallory G.
Once there was a king who was very rich and could get anything he wanted. The only problem was that his wife did not seem very happy. They lived near a man who was not rich, but his wife was very happy.
“How did you make your wife so happy?” the king asked when he realized how happy the woman was.
“It is quite simple, every day I feed her “meat of the tongue” and she is happy.” The man answered.
Now the king understood. He ordered all of his servants to get meat from the tongues of many different animals. The king waited patiently for days to see if his wife would get any happier, but sadly, she didn’t.
The king became very angry and wanted to switch wives with the man hoping to have a wife who was very happy. However, his new wife soon became unhappy just like his old wife. He then realized that his old wife was very happy with her new husband. The king did not understand why both women were happier with the man who was not rich at all.
Every night the non-rich man would sing and dance with the king’s old wife. He would tell her stories and funny things about his day. Those were the reasons that both women were happy with the man.
One day, while the king was at the market, he saw his old wife and the man. They were talking and laughing just like a happy couple. That was when the king realized what the man meant when he said “meat of the tongue”.